Dear readers,

Circa 1924 Publishing is proud to announce the release of four new French books of our accordion collection :

- A Budapest, by Christian Garcin
- Vladimir, le peintre de nuages, by Rainer Maria Rilke (unpublished text translated by Jean-Yves Masson)
- Amère la mer, by Jean-Loup Trassard
- L'homme de la scierie sous la pluie, by Joël Vernet (illustrated with inks by Jean-Gilles Badaire)

Still available :

- Ombellifères, by Philippe Claudel (illustrated with drawings by Emile Gallé)
- Comme un chemin, by Christian Viguié (illustrated with photographs by Jean-Charles Wolfarth)

They will be available on the 14th of february 2007 at the price of 7 Euros. You can find more info on our website

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